The Hand of AA


Are you looking to get involved? We have a job for you! Please join us at a committee meeting to find out how you can help.

Our Responsibility Pledge:
I Am Responsibile.
When Anyone, Anywhere
Reaches Out For Help,
I Want The Hand Of A.A.
Always To Be There.
And For That,
I Am Responsible!

Next Committee Meeting

We meet on the 4th Tuesday of the month at 6:30 pm in the Lancaster County Health and Welfare Building,
630 Janet Ave, Lancaster, PA 17601. [Map]




Chairperson - Tom T.
Co-Chair/Workshop - Ryan V.

Secretary - Dora D.

Treasurer - Wayne K.

Registration & Website - Lorman L.
Co-Chair - Paul

Fundraising Committee Chairperson - Jeff F.
Co-Chair - Mike A.

T-Shirt Committee - Connor B.

Utilities Chairperson - Drew M.
Co-Chair - Jay A.

Hospitality Chairperson - Steph P.

Historian - Pete W.